• Heung Aiden


Updated: Jun 6, 2019

It must have been too much alcohol,

even your look becomes suddenly

so tender

and full of the promise

of a summer’s night.

I’m longing to have you,

here and now

before the harsh daylight steals you away

and I might never see you again.

Anyway that’s the game,

a sweet but ruthless encounter

with no tomorrow

for queers like us

in this all-embracing land.

But I like you tonight –

that’s why this empty bar

does call for something more intimate

between us.

your face—

your half-open shirt—

Your creamy chest—

O the rushing sound

deep inside my veins!

It’s been too good a night to let you flee,

just stay a while longer—

If you desire admiration,

or compliments

from all men before and after me,

I have nothing better now

than my loneliness

in a promiscuous life,

and tonight,

I’ve given it to you.

Published on The New English Review

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 © 2019 by Aiden Heung